Are you spending too much money on building structure?

How would you know? At H+O, we combine technology and cost data to inform structural design so you don’t overspend on structure.

Be in the Know.


The benefits of H+O Cost Indexing

Invest with Confidence

Know you’re not overspending on structure, freeing up $$$ for what matters.

Informed Decisions

Ability to make design decisions informed by cost implications DURING the design process.

Cost Index Guarantee

We will update the design at NO ADDITIONAL COST if you, or anyone on the team, identifies a cost-saving adjustment during the Cost Index phase.

How it works?


How does the H+O Cost Index work?

We generate your custom project dashboard illustrating the structural cost implications of a project and its design.

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Where the data comes from


Industry benchmarks
Networked with construction pros data
Integrated structure costs


Live building information models
Automation to index historical data
Precise quantities


Cost transparency
Identify areas of high impact
Full-team knowledge


Create the environment for cost effective design

We leverage technology and proprietary data to index structural
designs and cost to optimize every project.

Measure what matters.

Be in the Know with the H+O Cost Index