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"We call H+O on a regular basis for many of our new projects. They work with us, not against us. They don’t complain, bring a negative attitude, or a “this is how I do it” ego. They are fresh thinking, can-do collaborators, in which we enjoy their presence as “designers” on the team."
Mike DelleFave, AIA
RODE Architects
"As real estate developers, we are extremely grateful to have H+O in our corner. The H+O team are creative problem solvers who continuously demonstrate their value by helping us untangle complicated projects and expose the value within. We appreciate H+O’s dedication to achieving the goals of our project and we look forward to many more successful projects together."
Dennis Kanin
New Boston Ventures
"We work collectively on architecture and structure, which are not mutually exclusive. H+O understands this, and gets the fact the success of architecture is crucial to the communities that we live in. They are responsive and committed to us as the architect, and the greater development goals."
Mike DelleFave, AIA
RODE Architects
"H+O Structural Engineering has been and continues to be, a preferred partner and are great to work with. Their designs are thorough and they continue to pull Geopier in early on the development/design phase to ensure they are providing the best, cost-effective solution for their clients without experiencing project delays."
Jorge Fuentes, P.E.
Geopier Foundation Company